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July 01, 2018

Rain Music Pavilion

Designed by Yi-Chao Chen + Xi-An Chang+ Yi-Ching Hung

Advicer: Huai-Wen Chang

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近年來,雨水污染問題日趨嚴重,日常生活接觸與水變成一種奢侈的行為,聆聽並且接觸到雨水是許多人都有的兒時回憶。            然而,在現代城市的快速步調下,承受各種生活壓力的我們,下雨的時候卻只能在屋簷下,聽著雨聲發愁。我們將基地選在新北市永和,台灣人口密度最高的城市城市的繁忙與擁擠讓人疲乏。透過將雨水轉換成聲音的形式,形塑出一個在城市裡的音樂空間,可以提供繁忙們一個舒壓的場所,也讓人能夠重新找回對於雨水的回憶

In recent years, due to global warming and the emissions of industrial waste water, the wetlands in downstream of the Mississippi River in the United States have been greatly reduced, causing a threat to the local natural ecosystem and fish catch by fishermen have also decreased seriously.However, the mangroves which are special species of wetlands, can provide benthic fry, also prevent floods and filter out river pollution. Therefore, we hope through educational micro-buildings, the importance of wetlands will be called on and Mangroves play the role in this wetland.We use the wastewater from the closure of the factory to the filtered micro-architectural demonstration area, where people come and slide a small boat from a nearby camping area to observe the ecological impact of clean water, to visit the gravel purification observation corridor, to go through the beauty of mangroves and to snoop on the traces of birds. Through here, People understand the importance of wetland conservation as well.

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