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January 04, 2019


Designed by Song-Yun Wang  and Cho-AnHuang

Advicer: Huai-Wen Chang

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人們曾著迷於亞特蘭提斯的故事,好奇它的科技與生活,在 地圖上尋覓他的蹤跡。只是沒想到有一天,我們也變成了失落中的 一部分,被海水淹沒。2080,海平面上升了15 公尺,淹沒了曾經 的台北市。曾經困擾人們的環境變遷議題,成了不可避免的日常。 我們破壞了環境,跨過了環境所能自癒的臨界。如今換到我們被吞 噬了。  城市裡,流浪的難民們討論著一個地方:   「有一群樂觀的人, 將曾經的美術館變成了他們的基地。他們擺脫了從前對鋼筋水泥的 信仰,在城市裡蒐集資源,從潮水與破敗的水泥牆間拼湊出明日, 用慾望搭造出了各種新的棲所。於是一個長相怪異的客棧漸漸長 出了水面。他們團結了起來,用勞力與物資的交易來換取糧食與睡 眠,他們在地圖上構築出了一個給予人們希望,使人嚮往的地點

People used to be fascinated by the stories of Atlantis, curious about their technology and lifestyles, seeking their traces from the old maps. One day we had became the fallens, the one who are submerged by the sea. 2080, as the sea level rises 15 meters, Taipei, once our main city had been submerged. The enviormental changing issues that once mattered us had became the unavoidable daily life. Humans keep destorying the enviorments and had crossed the self-healing tipping point of enviorment itself.  Today it’s us, who is going to be swallowed. The wandering refugees inside the city are talking about a place:  "There is a group of optimistic people, they transformed the old museum into their base. Breaking away from the religious of concretes and reinforcements, they collected resources from the city, puzzled the hope of tomorrow from the tides and ruined concrete walls, building new shelters from their own desires. Then a weird looking inn started growing out from the water surface.  People started to gather together, using labors and materials as an exchange of foods and sleep, they constructed a place where gives people hope, a place that people desires to go to. "

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