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January 04, 2019

BS Studio

Designed by  Cheng-Xi Yang + Ching-Jo Cheng

Advicer: Huai-Wen Chang

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高而潘建築師說: 「北美館只完成70%,剩下的30%是留給藝術家去完成的。」 我們分析北美館的空間特性,發現他本身是個巨大的白盒子。
整體無法感知外界,空間以單一形式不斷的重複,處於一個 沒有自明性跟性格的狀態。北美館中庭是館內唯一能感知自然的地 方,因此我們選擇中庭作為基地,讓微建築在這裡轉換氣象資訊, 並產生顏色變化,進一步連結北美館和自然的關係。同時也延續中 庭休憩的機能,設計膜構造吊床供參觀者休息。 在氣象播報站內,可以躺在吊床上,一邊休息一邊欣賞白色 大盒子被自然染色的過程。

Taipei Fine Arts Museum was only 70% completed, and then retaining 30% for the artist to complete.”was said by an architect, Kao Erh Pan. We analyzed the characteristics of space in Taipei Fine Arts Museum and found out that it was a great white box. The whole place can not perceive the outside world. The space is continuously repeated in a single form. In a state of non-identity and non-disposition. An atrium of Taipei Fine Arts Museum is the only place that can be perceived nature. We pick it as our site letting the micro-architecture transform their informations of ambience and also the color changes, It further linking the relationship between Taipei Fine Arts Museum and nature.At the same time, it also continued the function of atrium, and designed a membrane structure hammock for visitors to rest. In Broadcast Station, you can lie on the hammock and take a break while enjoying the great white box being rendering.

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