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June 22, 2018

Win:D studio

Designed by  Wan-Yu  Chen + Yu-Chuan  Hsu

                    + Hao-Jui Peng + Cheng-Wei Wu

Advicer: Huai-Wen Chang

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The wind is an invisible presence. It often seems that there is a far relationship between our culture and life.
Blue dyeing is the old Hakka art that has gradually disappeared. The time-consuming and complex but elegant dyeing methods are becoming less known...
Hsinchu is the central city of the Tao, Zhu, Miao Hakka area, and it is also a windy city that often blows winds. We want to build a micro-architecture that has such special humanities with natural factors and revives blue dye with the wind. The people dribbling the unique patterns with cloths, followed by drying, to showing everyone's works that more people notice that the wind of place is combined with new ideas.
Capture the shape of the wind, capture blue memories, spread Hakka culture with invisible and unlimited resources, and reveal the Wind City Hsinchu.

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