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January 06, 2017

Tower to Tower

Designed by Ping-Yuan Tsai and Chien-Feng Huang

Advicer: Huai-Wen Chang

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基地位在印度孟買的千人洗衣廠 (Dhobighat),為全球最大人力洗衣產業的所在地,同時也是一個貧民窟和非常著名的景點。其中存在著機器廢熱、潮濕、逃生不易、缺乏防火區劃等問題。





Site in India Mumbai Dhobighat, as the world's largest human-powered washing machine  is also a slum and very famous attraction. There are problems on the site that machine waste heat, moist micro-climate, fire evacuation, and lack of fire protection zoning.


After observing the relationship with the laundry plant and entrance, found that the chute arrangement related to the axis in the direction of escape. Design set on the both sides of the chute, increasing environmental guidelines and legibility in case of fire, and create an escape route that people can evacuate. On the other hand, set points on the site, which form micro architecture line combined with water curtain as a whole to the fire prevention division. By positioning our volume on both sides, and using of fire wood to prevent the fire from spreading, and increase escape time. 


In micro-architecture, wind tower improve ventilation through air convection, water tower purified sewage return back to the laundry industry and improve the micro-climate. We reserve appropriate  industry and lifestyles in the design, creating different lower density space from the slums.

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