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September 02, 2019

Wind Catcher

Designed by Hshin-Yu Chen and Sui-Ying Lin

Advicer: Huai-Wen Chang

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” ‬Stagnant water‮ “ ‬does not flow‭. ‬In Zhongdu Wetland‭, ‬water is not fully circulated‭, ‬resulting in corners with stagnant water‭. ‬In such corners‭, ‬water does not carry sufficient oxygen to sustain living organisms and instead gives off a stench‭.‬


" ‬Wind "‬‭ ‬is one of the natural forces‭: ‬while it is 1,000‭ ‬times lighter than water‭, ‬it has the power to push‭.‬


The wind carries the sail along the river course of the wetland‭, ‬stirring the stagnant water with the lightest touch to bring it‭ ‬back to life‭.‬

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