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September 05, 2019

Für Elise

Designed by Fan-Hung Hu and Lan Huang

Advicer: Huai-Wen Chang

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愛河河水由中都濕地西側流入,帶來的不只是生態多樣性,也伴隨著地球人製造的物理污染物,像是寶特瓶、塑膠袋...等;以及造成優養化的藻類,優養化後而亡魚屍。 攔污球以其球體攔截污染物,在漲退潮之间,球体裸露比例變化,捕捉到的污染物呈立體分佈,藉此啟發民眾環境維護意識,改善物理污染問題。


Love River flows into Zhongdu Wetland from the west, bringing not only biodiversity, but also physical pollutants produced by humans (e.g. bottles, plastic bags, etc.), algae that cause eutrophication, and dead fish as a result of eutrophication. The wetland filter intercepts pollutants with its sphere. Between tides, the exposed proportion of the sphere varies, so the pollutants are captured in the three-dimensional structure. This piece hopes to inspire people’s awareness of environmental protection and to mitigate physical pollution.

The characteristic plane structure is integrally formed, which makes it easy to transport and store, reducing carbon dioxide emissions during transportation. It is also suitable for mass production and multi-site delivery.

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