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June 03, 2016

Underpass 2.0 _ second live of abandoned space

Designed by  Chi-Yun and Ting-Kai Xu

Advicer: Huai-Wen Chang

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城市的發展過程中,交通扮演著決定性的角色,交通的基礎建設也反映著城市的價值觀,2014年底台北市新任市長柯文哲上任後,陸續拆除了無用的公車專用道、人行陸橋、地下道。而使 用機能不復存在的地下道面臨封閉的情形時,我們開始思考怎麼將新的城市問題,利用這個閒置的地下空間來應對,將台北市中55座的人行地下道轉變成為一種新的基礎建設protype。 

In the progress of city development, traffic not only plays an important role but also reveals the values of the city. When our new mayer announsed to close those under- pass which is no longer in use. We try to discover some serious issue and combine with the abandoned urban space, transform underpass into a new city infrastructure. 

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